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Children of Bahia is a charity dedicated to fighting child poverty in the state of Bahia, one of the most deprived areas of Brazil. We raise funds to support local child care and community projects and currently help over two hundred children with shelter, food, medical care, education and the support they so desperately need. We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters.

COB work on several fronts: Reactionary care: Feeding many children, providing medical support, tackling homelessness.

Preventative care: Working with mothers, families and local projects to improve sanitation, healthcare, nutrition, and education. To improve the life, education and future prospects for very poor or homeless children and at risk families.

Palliative care: Particularly through project IBCM which works with many children & mothers who have HIV/AIDS.

All our UK & US staff are un-paid volunteers and over 95% of all donations get to Brazil to help the children directly.

Please make a donation if you can
t sounds mercenary but what we really need is money. Over 95% of all donations actually get to Brazil to help the children directly. We are equally careful about expendature in Brazil, so you can be sure that every penny received really does make a difference.



UK Website - your here! This is the UK homepage

Brazil Website - with information in Portuguese

How you can help
Information on how you can make a donation to Children of Bahia and news of our new on-line system

Corporate Sponsors
We have several fund raising opportunities that we desperately need corporate sponsors for...

Child Poverty in Brazil
Find out more about child poverty in Brazil, the facts and reasons, and what can be done to help

Going to Bahia?
You are invited to visit one or more of the projects to see the work going on

Justgiving Web Site
We can now take on-line donations & you can also now have your own fundraising page!!

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